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Let's meet at 123. Again.
In 1944 we got our start as a company with the Midtown Theatre. Located at 123 Pearl St., the historic cinema was demolished in 1979 and turned into a parking lot. Now, 75 years later, we’re back in downtown Grand Rapids with Studio Park, located at 123 Ionia Ave. We had to tear up a parking lot to build this place — we found that kind of poetic.
In 1944, Jack Loeks leased the Powers Theatre at 123 Pearl Street in downtown Grand Rapids. Inspired by a theatre on Broadway that played newsreels, the newly renamed Foto News theatre opened soon after showing newsreels from the war.
Jack was a part of litigation that helped break up the film studio monopoly that prevented independent theatres from showing Hollywood film. This work helped usher in a new era in movie theatres.
By the end of 1948, Jack was competing with major movie circuits on a level playing ground at the newly renamed Midtown Theatre. It operated until 1972.
a part of studio park
Restaurants. Shops. A cinema. A music venue. Offices. Apartments. And much more. It's all here at Studio Park - smack dab in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.
Studio Park

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